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Role Overview

The Director Bizfin – Rev + MP + Pvt Labels Sourcing and Offline Business is a critical leadership role that involves partnering with senior business leaders of Rev, MP, Pvt labels sourcing, and the offline team. The primary objective is to drive growth while maintaining a sustainable and profitable business model.

Leadership and Business Competencies

To excel in this role, the Director of Business Finance needs to possess several key competencies:

Senior Stakeholder Management

Effective senior stakeholder management is crucial for success. The director must build strong relationships with senior leaders and collaborate closely with them to achieve business objectives.

Strategic Thinking and Bias for Action

The role requires the ability to think strategically and translate strategies into actionable plans. The director must strike a balance between strategy and execution, displaying agility and dexterity in navigating both realms.

Influencing through Business Acumen and Data-Driven Mindset

The director should influence key decisions through a deep understanding of the business, supported by data-driven insights. Business acumen and a data-oriented mindset enable informed decision-making and drive positive outcomes.

Working with Ambiguity and Cross-Functional Collaboration

Navigating ambiguity is essential, as the director will encounter complex and uncertain situations. The ability to work cross-functionally, collaborating with various teams and departments, is critical for success.

Personal Ownership and Accountability

High levels of personal ownership and accountability are required to drive results. The director should take responsibility for their actions and outcomes, fostering a culture of accountability within the team.

Influential Communication and Storytelling

Effective communication skills, coupled with storytelling abilities, are essential for influencing key stakeholders. The director should articulate their vision, strategy, and goals in a compelling and influential manner.

Talent Catalyst and Team Building

Building and leading a high-performance Bizfin team is a key responsibility. The director should act as a catalyst for talent, attracting top professionals and fostering their growth and development.

Key Responsibilities

As the Director Bizfin – Rev + MP + Pvt Labels Sourcing and Offline Business, the role entails the following key responsibilities:

1. Platform AOP and MOP Planning and Delivery

The director is responsible for planning and delivering the Annual Operating Plan (AOP) and Monthly Operating Plan (MOP) for the platform. This involves setting revenue and gross margin targets and aligning resource allocation to strategic priorities.

2. Revenue and Gross Margin Accountability

Achieving 100% of platform revenue and gross margin targets is a critical responsibility. The director should closely monitor performance and implement strategies to ensure revenue and gross margin goals are met.

3. Resource Allocation and Pricing Strategy

The director plays a pivotal role in resource allocation and pricing strategy. They align pricing decisions with Myntra’s strategic priorities and leverage ROI/ RPC frameworks to optimize Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) and gross margin delivery.

4. MP Business Commercials and CoDB Benchmarking

Structuring MP business commercials and benchmarking Cost of Doing Business (CoDB) are important tasks. The director should identify changes in CoDB that enable growth, selection, and a superior business mix.

5. Partnering with Pvt Labels Sourcing Team

The director collaborates closely with the Myntra Pvt labels sourcing team to drive sourcing efficiencies and generate funds for growth. This partnership aims to optimize sourcing strategies and enhance profitability.

6. Business Expansion Strategy for Offline Stores

The director acts as a business partner to the Pvt labels offline stores team. They contribute to the offline business expansion strategy, focusing on achieving high growth and creating an EBITDA positive business.

Key Stakeholders

The Director Bizfin – Rev + MP + Pvt Labels Sourcing and Offline Business interacts with several key stakeholders, including:

  • Revenue Team
  • Category and Demand Management (CDM)
  • Storefront Team
  • MP and IB Business Teams
  • Sourcing Team
  • Offline Business Team

Desired Profile

The ideal candidate for this role should have experience in pricing strategy and working with dynamic pricing in a similar industry. They should possess a strong understanding of the industry landscape and have the ability to navigate complex business environments.


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